WOTW – Quizlet

 Quizlet (https://quizlet.com/)

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Quizlet is a superb revision tool for students. It allows you to create flashcards, self-marking quizzes, literacy tests and other games to revise any subject. It’s free and easy to set up an account and it takes no more than 60 seconds to set your own quiz. Once you have set the questions and answers, Quizlet does the rest and produces the flashcards etc.

You can then share the Quizlet with your class via Google Classroom or via email, the students will then be able to access the flashcards and quizzes on any device (including smart phones).

Alternatively, flip everything and get the students to set up their own accounts and prepare their own revision materials to share amongst their classmates!

Click on the image above to get signed up with your school Google account.



House Information (http://temac.realsmartcloud.com/house-points/)

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Both staff and students now have access to the weekly house information published on the website. The page currently displays the weekly house achievement points and the top 10 students with the most conduct points each week. After half term the students will be receiving prizes for getting a leaderboard spot. As this is a weekly total every student has a chance to make it on the leaderboard each week. Good Luck!