WOTW – Kahoot (AfL)

Kahoot (https://getkahoot.com/)

Put simply, Kahoot is brilliant! It’s a game-based learning website that takes teachers 2 minutes to register and another 2 minutes to set up a quiz. Students love the competitive element of it and the best thing is it is totally free!

It’s web-based, which means that students can use any device that is connected to the internet to play along. Brilliant for starters, plenaries or even to assess learning during the lesson (see the short 3 min video above to setup a quiz on Kahoot).

Kahoot has recently added the ability for teachers to export the results directly into your Google Drive, giving you a detailed breakdown of how each student has responded to the questions. You can then use this information to inform future lesson planning and to track student progress. If you need any help in getting it setup or exporting the results then just give me a shout.

Save the Kahoot results to your Google DriveScreen Shot 2016-05-25 at 22.37.27

The results of the Kahoot quiz.Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 07.48.39