Maths Prize Checker

We’ve made a few changes to the maths department this year. One of our big changes is our rewards system. We felt too much outstanding work was going on but going unnoticed. This spreadsheet houses all the exceptional maths work from the start of the last term until you leave the school.

To be outstanding, you can’t miss any of your homework deadlines, you must be a model student within the class and your book work must be of the highest standard.

If your spaces are left blank, it could be that you were “good” but only the outstanding mathematicians earn a place. Prizes will be linked into how many A2L scores of an A you gain throughout your time at TEMA.

So, how many have you got? Are you doing everything you should to get the next one? What prize are you going to get next?

Maths Prizes tracker (HT6 2016/17)