Key Stage 4 Courses

In Years 10 and 11, we offer a wide range of courses alongside our core curriculum of English, Maths, Science and PE. There are a range of GCSE qualifications and other accredited courses to meet the needs of all our students and each course offered has a clear progression pathway to Post-16 education and employment.

The following courses are all offered to lead to a GCSE qualification:

Faculty Title Qualification
English English Language GCSE
English English Literature GCSE
Mathematics Mathematics Linear GCSE
Science Science A Core GCSE
Science Science Route 2 Additional GCSE
Science Further Additional (Triple) GCSE
Humanities History GCSE
Humanities Geography GCSE
Humanities Religious Education GCSE
Modern Foreign Languages French GCSE
Modern Foreign Languages Spanish GCSE
Social Sciences Psychology GCSE
Social Sciences Sociology GCSE
Social Sciences Child Care GCSE
ICT Computer Science GCSE
ICT Business Studies GCSE
Design and Create Art GCSE
Design and Create Product Design GCSE
Design and Create Graphics GCSE
Design and Create Photography GCSE
Design and Create Food Technology GCSE
Performing Arts Performing Arts GCSE

For some students a GCSE course is not the appropriate qualification for them to study. In order to ensure that our curriculum meets the needs of all of our students, we offer the following accredited courses:

Faculty Title Qualification
Design and Create Hospitality and Catering Level 1/2 Certificate
ICT ECDL – Certificate in IT applications Certificate in IT applications
ICT Travel and Tourism Level 1/2 Certificate
ICT Creative iMedia Level 1/2 Certificate

For further information regarding the curriculum in Years 10 and 11, please see the curriculum guides in the curriculum section of the website or contact:

Mr M Birrell – Deputy Headteacher Standards and Effectiveness